Stakeholders have called for the need of massive awareness about organ donation after brain death.Speaking at a programme organized by the Health Journalists Forum Nepal in collaboration with Shahid Dharmabhakta National Transplant Center,Bhaktapur recently, the stakeholders pointed out that lot of publicity was needed regarding organ donation after brain death.

After the enforcement of Human Organ Transplantation Act(Regulation & Prohibition) 2055 BS in Nepal, the first amendement was made in 2072Bs and 2073 BS, the way was opened for organ donation after brain death.But even the police who endorse the law were found to be unaware of that provision in the law.

Speaking at the programme held on Sunday ,Siddhi bahadur Shah, SSP of Lalitpur, said that the issue of organ donation after brain death was new among  police personnel.He informed that police were not taught about brain death in any training and course.He expressed his commitment to raise this  issue in the upcoming police training and discussion.Dr. Rudra Maarasini,Director of The National Trauma Center, admitted that most of the doctors at the center were still unknown about the procedure regarding  organ transplantation from donors after brain death.

According to Dr. Marasini, not only kidney and liver but also other parts of the body  such as skin, and bones can be collected and transplanted from the brain dead person.Similarly Dr. Ramesh Singh Bhandari, Transplant Surgeon of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital(TUTH), Dr.pawan Chalise ,board-member of this Center also emphasized on the spreading awareness regarding organ donation after brain the programme,Dr.harihar wasti,former head of the Forensic department of The TUTH.briefed about the challenges faced while making a law on organ donation after brain death.