April 10, 2017

Human Organ Transplant Center, Bhaktapur organized a free health camp in Phurkot, Tanahun on 26th Chaitra 2073. About 400 people were screened for any kind of kidney and cardiological problems.

Senior Nephrologist Dr. Kalpana Shrestha, Dr. Lushan Singh (Nephrologist), Dr. Santosh Gurung (Nephrologist), Dr. Sanjaya Shrestha (Cardiologist), Dr. Monika Shrestha (Radiologist), Dr. Pragya Shakya (Radiologist), Medical Officers: Dr. Sandesh Khaiju, Dr. Anjila Rai, Dr. Navnit Yadav, Dr. Gonish Hada, Gaurav Pantha (Physiotherapist), Lab Technologist (two) and Nurses from various departments (six) of Human Organ transplant Center worked tirelessly to cover as many people as possible for the free health check up.

Out of the total people screened for Kidney ailments, 40 people were found with proteinuria, 10 with sugar, 8 with renal calculus, 5 with prostrate problems and 10 with echogenic kidneys. Likewise, 8 people were having Cardiac problem. Besides, 49 patients were screened with USG and 15 with ECG. Altogether 40 people registered their name to donate their kidneys after death.