Feb. 24, 2014

HOTC has been organizing free health camps and awareness campaigns at different places of the country. Awareness activity is focused on prevention of organ failure and organ donation both live donation and brain death donation of  kidneys. 

On 17th May 2014 (3rd Jestha, 2071), Human Organ Transplant Center has organized a free health camp at Illam district. About 661 patients were benefited from the so organized health camp. HOTC has been organizing health camp at different places of the country along with awareness campaign. The patients were provided with free health checkup, counseling and free urine dipstick test. The number of patients diagnosed with renal disease has been found much higher at Illam district.  Among 661 patients 132 patients were diagnosed with renal disease. Diabetes has been diagnosed as the major reason behind such incidence at Illam. About 42 patients signed the consent for the kidney donation from Illam only.

On 4th May 2014 (21st Baisakh, 2071) HOTC organized yet another health camp at Nepal Electricity Authority, Ratnapark and the event concluded with grand success. About 300 patients got an opportunity to have free health check up along with urine dipstick screening, counselling. About 16 people signed the consent for the kidney donation. HOTC also mobilized its health care professionals in providing counselling and awareness service against the renal disease.

On 29th April 2014 (16 th Baisakh, 2071), HOTC successfully orginized another health camp at Janaswasthya, Chamyasingh in collaboration with Bhaktapur Municipality. About 150 patients were benefitted from the free health check up among whicn 5 were diagnosed with renal disease. HOTC provided free health check up along with urine dipstick screening and counselling. 12 patients signed the kidney donation consent.

On  18th Feb 2014 (6th Falgun, 2070), HOTC organized other health camp at Chittapol, Bhaktapur. Alltogether 103 patients were benefitted from the health camp along with the health checkups, blood and urine test and organ doantion awareness.

On 7th Feb 2014 (24th Magh, 2070), free health camp was organized at Jhaukhel, Bhaktapur. 170 people attended for their health checkup.

HOTC organized such camp in collaboration with Bhaktapur municipality on  24 Dec. 2013 ( 9th Poush 2070 B.S) at Degamana. Altogether 250 people were benefited with health checkups, blood and urine tests and organ donation awareness.

3 nephrologists, 3 renal transplant surgeons,  8 junior doctors along with 12 nursing staffs, 1 pathology lab technician and some administrative staffs provided the service with support from technical staffs and volunteers from the municipality. The camp was a great success with full support and co-operation from the chief municipality Mr. Ram Mani Bhattarai and his team.

On 19 Dec. 2013 (4th Poush 2070), first free health camp was organized in Chyamasing, Bhaktapur with the support of Mr. Narayan Kilambu, chairman of Nepalese Federation of Journalists, Bhaktapur branch and his local team mates. 220 patients were benefited in that camp with free health check ups, urine dipstick screening to exclude any major problem such as diabetes and kidney diseases and organ donation activity.