Hemodialysis machine support from Bishal Group

Aug. 14, 2022

Vishal Group has provided hemodialysis machine to this center with the idea that kidney patients can
get dialysis on time. VG Foundation, a social organization run by Vishal Group handed over
Hemodialysis Machine to our Executive Director On Thrusday August 12, 2022.According to the
hospital, more than 400 patients are waiting for dialysis .Managing Director of Vishal Group Mr. Arpit
Agarwal ,said that hemodialysis machines have been provided to reduce the need for patients with
severe kidney diseases waiting for dialysis. Moreover , Mr. Agrawal has also announced that his
organization will provide free food coupons to hemodialysis patients of our center for 1 year.
VG Foundation plans to provide two dialysis machines to the hospital ."We have handed over one
machine, we will bring another one", Mr. Agarwal said, "We are thinking of going ahead with more
support after seeing the effectiveness of the current machine." Some of the dialysis machines in the
hospital are broken and are left unused. He says that they are also studying to repair and reuse those
machines.ED Dr. Pukar C. Shrestha expressed his sincere thanks to VG Foundation for this noble cause.