Interaction Program related to brain death organ donation and transplantation in Pokhara

Sept. 20, 2022

Interaction Program on brain death organ donation and transplantation in Pokhara

 An interaction program related to organ donation,brain death and organ transplantation was organized in Pokhara on October 2nd,2079 under the joint project of Shahid Dharmabhakta National Transplant Center, Bhaktapur and Pokhara Institute Of Health Sciences.In that Program ,there was a special discussion about the problem of organ failure in the country and its prevention and treatment.

The Executive Director and Chief Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Pukar Chandra Shrestha said that after the government made the kidney transplant free of charge,the patients got a big relief and because of this ,the number of kidney failure patients returning to normal life after transplantation has increased.He emphasis on the sustainability of this program. He also mentioned that transplantation is more affordable than dialysis as patients and families can live quality life after transplantation.This center had already completed the  transplantation of  939 patients till now with the rate of about 200 patients annually.

Apart from Kathmandu ,transplant services have been started in Pokhara since last far three people have been transplanted and preparations are being made to expand the service to Surkhet as well.

Senior Consultant Nephrologist Dr.Kalpana Kumari Shrestha said that about three thousand people's kidneys fail annually in Nepal but dialysis and transplant service is very low in comparison. She added that in Nepal dialysis of 4000 people and only 4 kidney transplant is being done annually..Therefore, looking at the increasing rate of kidney patients and the very low transplant and dialysis services in the country,special attention should be given to expand the transplantation services .

Senior Anesthesiologist Dr.Niva Shrestha  said that there are brain deaths in Nepal due to road accidents worth one thousand every year. It has been emphasized that an organ donation awareness campaign should be conducted to make good use of organs from brain death donors (human death due to accident).Experts say that the kidneys,lungs,heart,liver,small intestine and pancreas can be transplanted after a human death. It is said that a new life is possible for eight people from the organs that are wasted from a dead people.

In the program,Minister of State for Health and Population Mr. Hirachandra KC said that although the government has set the goal for expanding access to basic health services for all citizens, it has not been successful in expanding the basic health services across the country. In addition, He stated that the transplant services are very important, so the government has prioritized expansion of transplantation services outside the capital.