Jan. 7, 2016

Human Organ Transplant Center (HOTC), Bhaktapur has conducted successful liver surgery using modern technique for the first time in Nepal on Poush 22, 2072 (January 7, 2016). 58 year old patient having half of his liver damaged due to formation of stone leading to narrowing of biliary tree and atrophy of liver had his surgery. The condition was diagnosed through Endoscopic Ultrasound, the very rare and modern equipment in Nepal by Dr. Niraj Joshi. The surgical team was led by the Dr. Pukar Shrestha which included Dr. Subash Acharya, Dr. Mahalaxmi Deuja, Dr. Kiran Adhikari, Dr. Jyoti KC, Dr. Sunil Shrestha, Dr. Prabin Joshi, nursing team and biomedical engineers. The center has now reached the capacity to perform liver transplant within few months once the transplant act amendment is approved by the parliament which is already tabled. The Center has already completed 125 Kidney Transplantation since its establishment.