Feb. 20, 2017

Human Organ transplant Center, Dudhpati has established two most modern modular operation theatres. In a program, health Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa inaugrated these advanced operation theatres. Installed to facilitate and regularize Liver transplantation and complex open heart surgeries, this Center successfully carried out the very first Liver transplantation in the country recently on December 7, 2016 with the help of Liver transplant team from Korea.

With the establishment of these sophisticated theatres equipped with the world class infrastructures for Liver transplantation and heart surgeries, this center is now technologically self-reliant in Liver transplantation. Meanwhile, this Center has been preparing itself for the full fledged Liver transplantation on a regular basis.

Per year, more than 100 Kidney transplants are being carried out in this Center in the cheapest price possible with the world class results. Similarly, the cost of Liver transplantation will cost one tenth of the cost in Foreign countries. Extending its wings beyond transplantation, this Center has also been providing Nephrology, Cardiac, Gastroenterology, Dietician, Organ donation and transplantation counseling, modern Radiology and Pathology services on a regular basis. .