Successful Completion of 1000 Kidney Transplant

Jan. 12, 2023

A milestone has been reached in the field of transplant surgery: the successful completion of 1,000 kidney transplants at a single  transplant center in the 10 years.1,000 people's kidneys have been transplanted at Shahid Dharmabhakta National Transplant Center,Bhaktapur on 11th January 2023.It has been 10 years since the initiation of renal transplant services in this center.

This accomplishment is a victory to the dedicated team of surgeons,nurses, and supporting staffs who work tirelessly to save the lives of patients suffering from kidney failure.1,048 kidney transplants have been done so far under the leadership of Dr.Pukar Chandra Shrestha at the National Transplant center, Bir Hospital ,Pokhara Health science Institute and other hospitals.

According to Dr.Shrestha ,the center started transplant services in a total of 100 beds built for Bhaktapur Hospital.Despite the extreme lack of space, Dr.Shrestha had successfully performed the first liver transplant in Nepal ,kidney transplant of 4 people on the same day and kidney and liver transplant from brain dead donors.

The kidney transplant program at this center has been in operation for the last 10 years  with 99%  successful rate and has helped countless patients improve their quality of life.The team's  expertise and experience have played a crucial role in achieving such a high success rate.

The success of the transplant program at this center can be attributed to several factors .One of the important factor is the center's commitment to the patient care.The team provides the comprehensive pre and the post transplant care, including support and education for patients and their families.

The completion of 1000 kidney transplants is a major achievement ,and the team at this center should be commended for their dedication and expertise.They have saved the lives of 1000 patients and improved the quality of life for countless others.Their ongoing work in this field will continue to make a significant impact on the lives of people suffering from kidney failure.