16th Liver Transplantee Discharged

Jan. 9, 2024

16th liver transplantee who was 25-year-old boy from Saptari District has been discharged today from Shahid Dharma Bhakta National Transplant Centre, Bhaktapur on 13th post op day.

Chief Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Pukar Chandra Shrestha had led the surgical team which included Dr. Sapana Verma, Dr. Lalit Kumar Das, Dr. Roshan Ghimire, and Dr. Rambabu Shah. The Anesthesiology and Critical Care team was led by Dr. Arati Rai, Gastroenterology /Hepatology team by Dr. Shekhar Poudel, Radiology team by Dr. Krishna Budathoki and Pathology Team Dr. Sabina Shrestha, Nursing team by Pooja Koirala including OT Incharge Babita Lawaju and ICU Incharge Anita Karki, Transplant Coordinators Tara Sandh, Sanisha Karki and team, which demonstrated unwavering dedication from the initial evaluation to post-operative care.

Executive Director and Lead Transplant Surgeon Dr. Shrestha attributed the success to the collaborative efforts of the highly skilled medical team and the hospital's advanced infrastructure. This achievement is showing hospital's capacity towards self-sufficiency in Liver Transplantation.

Such positive outcome reinforces Shahid Dharmabhakta National Transplant Center's capacity for excellence in liver transplantation which is leading liver and kidney transplant centre in the country. The centre has so far performed 1179 kidney Transplants and 16 Liver transplants till date.


Shahid Dharma Bhakta National Transplant Centre

January 9, 2024