Feb. 22, 2017

Human Organ Transplant Center, Bhaktapur organized a free health camp in Liwang, Rolpa on the occasion of Rolpa Festival, 2073. About 2000 people were screened for any kind of Kidney, Liver and Gynecological problems.

Senior Nephrologist Dr. Kalpana Shrestha, Dr. Sagar Kumar Duwal Shrestha, Dr. Sumit Acharya, Senior Heart Surgeon Dr. Prem Raj Baidhya, Liver disease Specialist Dr. Prabin Joshi, Gynecologist Dr. Madhu Shakya, Radiologist Dr. Monika Shrestha, Anaestheologist Dr. Mahalaxmi Deuja, Medical Officers: Dr. Prakasah Jha, Dr. Sandesh Khaiju, Dr. Ramakanth Ray, Dr. Subarna Thapa and 15 Nurses from various departments who were led by the Nursing Director of Human Organ transplant Center Mrs. Indira Pradhan worked tirelessly to cover as many people as possible for the free health check up.

Out of the total people screened for Kidney ailments, 36 people were found to be suffering from late stage kidney diseases, 45 with Nephrolithiasis, 8 with Benign prostrate hyperplasia and 22 with Urinary tract infection. Similarly, Nine known cases of kidney diseases were followed up for any improvement or perversion.

Likewise, out of 50 patients with Cardio-vascular diseases, 38 had hypertension, 2 with heart valve repairment and three were referred for surgery. ECG and Ultrasound was carried out among 26 and 82 patients respectively. Results from hepato-billiary screening showed 1 patient with hydatid cyst, 3 with Cholelithiasis and 3 with jaundice.

Correspondingly, out of 300 women examined for any gynecological problem, 250 had complaints of leucorrhea, 3 were diagnosed with Uterine tumor, 3 each with uterine swelling and uterine prolapse. Medicines were distributed free of cost. Besides, Interaction programme on organ transplantation, organ failure, its prevention and control was also organized. In this comprehensive camp, 124 people registered their names for organ donation after their death. Mr. Balkrishna Subedi, The Chairman of Rolpa Chamber of Commerce and Industries said that the organisation of such comprehensive camp with the specialized team in a remote place like Rolpa is a matter of extreme pride and happiness for the residents of Rolpa and showed his sincere obligation towards Human organ transplant center for reaching out to their doorsteps. The total management of this camp was led and supervised by Dr. Kiran Acharya.