Successful organ transplantations from brain-death donor saves three lives

March 17, 2023

March 4

Shahid Dharmabhakta National Transplant Center,has successfully done the transplantations from a brain death donor.According to the center,kidneys and liver is extracted from a clinically  dead 17 year old girl were transplanted to 3 people.The successful transplantations were assisted by the medical team from India.

The kidneys removed from the girl were transplanted on a 47-year –old male from Mayadevi Rural Municipality -4 in Rupandehi and a 35 year old male from Siraha Municipality while her liver wa transplanted on a 68-year old male of Lalipur Metropolita-25.

The center recorded the   first  successful organ transplantations from a brain dead donor in May,2017 and since then it has been possible for 13 patients from five brain death individuals.

According to the data, approx. 1,000 suffer brain death due to road accidents each year in the country while the cases of organ donations are few. Executive director and Chief Transplant Surgeon of this center, Dr. Pukar Chandra Shrestha expressed the need for a proper communication system between the Center and hospitals and of public awareness to increase the cases of organ donations from brain death donors.He also added that the global data is that 80 percent organ transplantations  are based on the cases of brain death donors.

Similarly,Dr. Kalpana Kumari Shrestha ,this center's senior consultant nephrologist and the coordinator of the organ transplant  coordination unit ,said that although the law related to brain death has been passed,, the process of organ donation after brain death has not progressed as expected.

Human organs that are either buried or burned can be donated.from one brain dead person, eight organs i.e two kidneys, two lungs,one heart,one pancreas,one small intestine etc can be donated.This means that fom onr brain death person ,eight lives can be saved.In this way, if organs are donated, Nepal can be self-dependent in transplants.